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Volunteer to be a Kenya ni mimi delegate.

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We are constantly looking for new ways and means in which we can leverage on our partnerships for an impactful and sustainable Kenya Ni Mimi Campaign. Through our pillars we believe each and every partner has a different way in which they can join us to ignite the Kenyan Youthful movement Socially, Economically and Politically for the good well-being and growth of our Nation.So through contacting us we are able to provide you with rightful information, to keep the campaign going on.

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Volunteer Your Time


The spirit of Volunteerism is imbedded within the Kenyan youths spirit, so we want you to join us in volunteering in anyway possible. This helps us build on our 5th pillar which lies on Peace, Love, Unity and Patriotism. Therefore, reach out to us and let us build Kenya not for today but for the generation that are coming behind us.

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