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Updated: Jan 10, 2021

We made it into 2021 and truthfully we should not take this new chance lightly! 2020 has taught us very key lessons about life, about empowerment, about commitment, about voicing out and occupying spaces, about honour, about values but most importantly about always being prepared. However, 2020 is far behind us and we all should be looking forward to a New Year, filled with opportunities, lessons, togetherness and resilience.

Take note of this, we are approximately 75% of our countries popuplation, this shows us how there is so much that we can do if we only harness the potential within ourselves for the greater good. Young people are energtic, diverse, resilience and disruptive ( in a positive way ) we just haven't realised how well to be at a vantage point with all this hence why Kenya Ni Mimi is very crucial to the Youth of Kenya.

The Kenya Ni Mimi campaign is for the Youth and is drawn solemnly for progressiveness, inclusion, participation and empowerment. The campaign is a safe space for all of us to take full ownership of our ambitions, our goals, our opportunites and create a legacy for the generations that come after us. The five pillars that guide Kenya Ni Mimi are critical to the survival of this campaign, so how then will we harness this space this year and make it easily adaptable for each and every youth across Kenya to be a part of it.

This is by identifying which pillar from the campaign works well with your beliefs and activities you set out for Youth Empowerment in Kenya. Collaborations and partnerships are the key drivers when it comes to sustainability and progressive development in our country, and it is very importnat for us to focus and tap on that.

Below are the 5 pillars that hold the Kenya Ni Mimi Campaign:

  1. Information & Opportunities

  2. Innovation & Education

  3. Health & Well Being

  4. Environmental Conservation

  5. Values

Therefore, 2021 is a chance for the youth of Kenya to get involved in this campaign for progressive change among ourselves and the Socio-Economic & Political sphere of the Country at large. We are looking for Youth Volunteers, Youths who have Organizations and are working with their communities, Youth Social Change Agents, Youth Content Creators and Writers and anyone who is willing and able to be part of the campaign for the greator good. So lets join hands together and keep the Kenya Ni Mimi spirit up and high because if not now , then when? If not us, then who?

Kenya Ni Mimi, Kenya Ni Wewe, Kenya Ni Sisi Sote!

Email :

Instagram : Kenya Ni Mimi

Twitter : Kenya Ni Mimi

Facebook : CASNabdalla

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