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Did you know that poor Mental Health is one of the issues that the Kenyan youth are facing and that World Health Organization placed Kenya 4th highest with the number of depressed people in Africa and 9th globally?

Did you know that 5 in every 6 Kenyans who suffer from mental illness do not receive treatment?

With this alarming statistic, Kenya Ni Mimi has partnered with the Nivishe Foundation, a women and youth-led organization that focuses on building community resilience using mental health and trauma-informed resilience as tools for enhancing community cohesion, and started a nationwide program that will equip youth with skills that will help them improve the mental health of members in their communities at the grass-root level. These skills will help reduce stigma associated with mental illness and the misuse of drugs, alcohol and other substances. It will also equip the youth with skills that will help them work with like-minded partners in order to plan and carry out Youth Engagement activities to promote mental health and well-being. Once they complete the program, these youth will be known as “Mental Health Champions”.

This activity falls under our Health and Wellbeing pillar where improving the state of Mental Health among Kenyan youth is a core mandate. The 8-week course is strictly online, in accordance with the covid-19 protocol stipulated by the government. The Mental Health Champions course is absolutely free and Participants will only require access to a stable internet connection for 2.5 hours weekly.

To apply for a Slot in our first Cohort, use the online registration link below. Only 30 slots are available. This link can also be found on our social media platforms. Due to the sensitive nature of the Mental Health Pandemic, Kindly note that certificates will only be issued to participants that attend all sessions. Therefore only apply if you are certain you will commit fully. We urge the youth to apply for this program as it will propel us forward in educating the masses and fighting the stigma around Mental Health in the county.

We urge youths to take part in this program as it will help us educate and fight the stigma around Mental Health in the county.

Kenya Ni Mimi, Kenya Ni Wewe na Kenya Ni Sisi Sote.

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